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Should you need any assistance or further information, feel free to contact us at this page.
We offer the following services:


1. Document/Module Translation

We offer various types of documents either commercial, legal business letter       or reference related sources. We gives quality. Fast and accurate translation services for our clients. We also have a strict privacy for your confidential needs, we don't store result after a period of time or any term you asked. Privacy guaranteed.

We have many reference (jargon/encyclopedia) for every subject of translation job. This ensures that the result will be as accurate as possible based on related subject of reference.

We accept the source in the form of office document/picture or paper. We also accept .doc, .pdf, .jpg or text-based documents or other formats which could be converted into text documents.

2. Custom Translation

We notice the need for any custom job you probably need, so we are open for any custom job such as website translation, product knowledge, advertisement run down, etc. Just explain us what's the situation and we'll maintain the job for you.

3. Proofreading/word proofing

We also proofread your work, perhaps you only want to correct grammar/spelling your content, arranging sentences into formal written format? We will proofread your work before you distribute it. The rate is also cheaper for this job. please contact us for further information.

4. Transcribing (typing/translating recorded materials)

Got any recorded references such as CDs/tape/cassettes, movie/presentation, and you want to transcribe it into text document? You just already came to the right place. We'll transcribe it for you.
Transcribing is also can be done into DVD/CD or other format result.

Wanting to make the voice in movies or CD or even cassette into text? Or let’s just say it TRANSCRIBING all voice-based documents into text-based documents? You just come to right place.

The transcribing job could be in the form of DVD, CD, VCD, cassette or just in form of files. Please consult us about the procedures.

Should you need any assistance or further information, feel free to contact us at :
Yahoo messenger : klasikcorner
mobile phones       : +62 818462312
e-mail                     :  info@klasik-corner.com


We will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.



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